The Greenthorne Story


2011 – The Birth Stage

Greenthorne is born

Long-time friends James Green and Liam Gorman had pursued their natural inclinations for the creative arts since a young age. James’ experimentation with traditional design had led him to develop a unique expressive portrait style, while Liam had been gaining valuable experience as a professional designer. It wasn’t long before they recognised the opportunity to collaborate. Traditional art meets cutting-edge digital. Greenthorne was born.

To mark the collaboration, a logo was crafted to represent freedom and the core principle of functional beauty. The Greenthorne butterfly is both a logo and the symbol of our vision.



2011 – 2013 – The Caterpillar Stage

The opening offering

Using their combined traditional and digital skill sets, they embarked on designing a range of premium quality t-shirts for the alternative/artistic scene. Stocked by independent retailers in London and Cheltenham, the potential of the collaboration was an exciting prospect. This was the beginning.

Unable to translate the depth and complexity of James’ ever-developing artistic style to the medium of tees, it was time for Greenthorne to evolve into what it is today.




2014 – The Cocoon Stage

The Greenthorne Product

The defining feature of Greenthorne is the creative collaboration between James and Liam. Having been commissioned by Austin Daboh of Radio 1Xtra to prototype a pendant for his new venture, this model was tested to new levels. The outcome was a great success, and gave Greenthorne the clarity for their final phase of being.

The strength of James’ art meant it belonged on walls. Greenthorne would use the beauty of the originals to create prints borne of the relationship between traditional and digital. We would also offer James’ original artwork as the original inspiration and an iconic investment.



The Butterfly Stage

The Finished Article

Greenthorne will always feature the raw artwork of Green in both the unique original and limited edition print. The collaborative series will present creative adaptations guided by the collective potential of traditional and digital art. The first collaborative series will launch in summer 16.

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